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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  January 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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intervention. make no mistake, the commonwealth of virginia and our people are already being harmed by this ban. several other states are also suing to stop the ban. in the meantime president trump spent another day at white house signing executive orders and meeting with business executivee this as the protest and lawsuits against his ban continue. >> another busy day for president trump at the white house with heads of the company's biggest pharmaceutica companies chiding them for recent increases. drug companies have producedced extraordinary results for our country, but the prices have been astronomical for our country. that meeting taking place as protests and legal challenges continue following friday's executive order banning citizens from seven countries from
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home land secretary john kelly giving an update on how it will impact travelers giving a repora of how it occurred over the weekend. >> a relatively small numberl nu right now are being held up for a period of time until we can take a look at what their procedures are. meanwhile three more of president trump presidenten trump's nominees or voted out or committees and one was confirmed by the full senate. but two other were left in limbo after democrats decided to boy cot for stieve me inchen and m tomorrow price objecting to inconsistencies in ma knew chan's testimony and purchase of stock in healthcare companies. what we're doing is using i think we call it an old fashioned his i fit. democrats say they want to work closer with the trumpmp administration but the flurry oy executive orders
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difficult to establish > fox5 of course is your station for politics.ics. tweet us your thoughts rightgh now. what do you think about the president's recent executive orders. use the #5@6:30 and then look for your tweet on our political show which is coming up next at 6:30. in fairfax county tonight.ou police need your helpnty findina teenage girl and her baby. they've been missing for more than two weeks. take a good look at these pictures. this picture is of 16 year old lizzie list bet contact line dress and her five month old son aiden. they were last seen on january 14. her mother reported her missings the next day. they first believed she left on her own the baby's father.ther but now they believe she may bea in danger. officials fear she have left out of fear of the child's father. bowie police are searching
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the gun hand who opened fire one a father and son sitting inttin their suv.. it happened just after 2:00 on a park on your ban a lane. paul wagner is live with with the latest. >>reporter: i'm about a couple hundred yards away from the park. that's where i'm tanning right now. church road is right over here if you're familiar with the bowie area.bowi that's a road that would taked a you out the freeway airport. just after 2:00 this afternoon, the bowie police say that father and son were sitting in a dodge suv down by that park when gunman walked up and opened fire. they then drove that suv up to where i'm standing now, parked it right here and called 91 s 1. let's show you some video that we shot earlier today.rlie you can see the bullet who elsel in thele car. there were three on the driver's side window and then there was s one through the windshield. when the police arrived they found father in the backseat of th
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him out they found a gun underneath where he was sitting. we're told that was shot severa times in the leg. when they pulledwatime the son f the car he had a grace wound to his arm. these were non-life threatening injuries. they were taken to a nearbyrby hospital. police also say that they foundf drugs in the car. if you look at top of the car te you can see a bag of what appears to be marijuana.uana the police say that h this father and son are fromm baltimore.e. it's unclear why they were here in this a. the motive is still under investigation. let's play you a sound bite from the police chief here in bowiee about what happened next.xt. the initial lookout was given for a dark complected hispanicac male with blue jeans and curly hair. we set up the perimeter to locate the suspect at this time. this is where we stand at the moment. >> on fo
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you put the schools on lock dowo for a period of time.. >> in abundance of caution we did put the schools on lock down. it's since been release and dismissal occurred as usual. now the chief of police sayse sa this is a very unusual place for something like this to happen. he also said that they had a number of police officers come into this area searching for the subject. they also had a helicopter up.. they had k9 teams, but at this hour they have not made any arrests. live in bowie, paul wagner, fox5 local > a bobcat missing from theom national zoo is still out thereo on theut run, but how far could she have gotten and where would she want to go? > drivers beware going too slot might cost you a hefty fine.. sue, hey, there, tony, shawn. this last day of january was literally all over the place. we started the morning in the low and mid 20s. 21 at dulles and there were some
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especially across our northern suburbs, but then this afternooi wes managed to see temperatures on this beautiful evening get up into the mid 50s. more typical of what we might see in the middle of march.h. janice officially going out lik a lamb. what can you expect for the th first day of february? how are the trends? how are thingsgs looking for the weekend in we'll let you know exactly what to to expect with the seven day forecast in just minutes.nute shawn, thank you, sue, if you have a story identify we want to hear from you, give us a call, the tip line is open 202-895-3000.00. you can also send us an e-mail to we'll be right back.
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welcome back. today d.c. mayor muriel bowserwr joined forces with delegate eleanor homes norton to defense the death with dig any act. the bill is currently in danger of billing killed by congress. d.c. has authority over its local laws, but bills must be transmitted to congress forr review befor
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effect. doctor-assisted death is legal in five all right. we are following developing news right now in montgomery county.y police say a two year old safe at home after reports thert child was kidnapped from the costco in gaithersburg. fox5's lindsay watts joins uss live from the scene on the phone.on lindsay, what can you tell us? what happen. >>reporter: this is definitely a very strange situation thatuai happened here today.y. we're at the costco that's on frederick road and russell avenue here in gaithersburg. what happened is around 46789. 20, a mom who was shopping here called police. she said sha she had left hersh two year old daughter in the car, ran into costco and when she came out the girl was gone. of course that brought a huge police presence here.lice as you p can see we have sky fox overhead. investigators were searching parking lots, searching in thee store, searching a nearby car dealership and working under the assumption that this two year old could have been abducted or perhaps had wandered off. nearly an hour went
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police realized, somebody realized that the girl was actually in her apartment fast asleep, that she was safe there. here's a statement from a montgomery s county police. the child was two years old and by my estimation, i don't think the child would have walked to home given where the residence is, but at this point it's very early. so we have to look back wards with the detectives and try to put all the pieces together. as you heard there, police are not thinking that the child t walkedhe home because of the buy roads here that seems very improbable. confirmed it or we're thinking maybe the mom hadn't took her child to the store at all and maybe the mom got con fused or disoriented. we're still in contact with the police trying to establish what happ
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good girls is the little girl who was thought missing for about an hour is safe.e. back to you. >> absolutely, that is the good news tonight, the child is just fine. thank you for the update. > heads up tonight if you drivf in virginia. v you could be fined for drivingor too slow in the fast lane. a proposed bill would fine drivers 250 bucks for driving too slow in the fast lane. the bill is paying its way through the virginia experts say driving too slow in that fast lane can lead to road rage, even, state officials areev hoping the fine would help cut down on some of those issues. in the district tonight there ih still no sign of a bobcatbcat missing from the national zoo. the 25-pound bobcat named ollie escaped yesterday. some area schools are taking some extra precautions to keep kids safe. matt ackland has the latest present the national zoo.t th >>reporter: noe one seems toms know where ollie is tonight, but they have some ideas. on the o
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national zoo, that's rock creekk park. she could have gone there. also, there are sitings that have been reported.ted. cleveland park, also woodly park, which are very close by.. everyone seems to be talking about this. everyone has their eyes peeled. living in d.c. these days can be a bit maybe seven year old oil, the bobcat, just needed a break. i found a way out and i'm ' going to go tour the city myself. this area is still closed offed this morning. this is where ollie escaped froe her home at the zoo yesterday. no one ill right knows where she took off for. >> i've done the whole zoo.ole zoo officials say bob cats aren't aggressive unless they're afraid when approached. they suspended outside recess. we found kids playing behind a fence at eaton elementary. i'd say leave him alone and he'll leave you alone. social media is on the search. someone even created a
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page for ollie and it has has hundreds of followers so far. blow ollie's name it says finally free and looking for for fun. on the serious side, zoo official say if ollie i why did get into rock creek park she hap you be able to survive on her own but she'd be much more comfortable at home back at thea zoo. if you see ollie, don't approach her, the best thing is to call zoo officials. they'll send somebody out.y at the national zoo, matt, ma ackland, fox5 local news. > all right, ollie i is stills out there. i hope they find her soon. > how far would you go to win a brand new car? all you have to do is keep one body partt touching the car longer than anyone else.anyo we will be taking a live lookk from the washington auto show.. the stories behind this fun contest when the news at 6 continues.
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> the washington auto show isng
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anniversary. i love the auto show. i used to go when i was a little kid. besides displaying cars of all sizes, another contestant is underway. gary mcgrady is live with more. >>reporter: tony, how far would you go to win a free car likee this? would you do something like this? i don't think so, no. i think it might be easier to make payments, if you ask me. it's not hard. you keep your hand or some body part on this 2017 hyundai. it's a tuscon. if you can do this -- get this, if you can do this until sunday at noon you might, might be able to win this. it's simple, but there's five pages of rules here that i was looking over. there's a lot of little thingsis you can do and a lot of little things you can't do.. let's go to the back. at 5:00 we were out here. we talked to those on the front. there's ten
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they started at 3:00 today.y. tell me your name. ma leak in what's your strategy. >> just win you got your foot on something.some >> foot, stomach,. > i think we're going to see a lot of this before it's all said and done.and >> tell me your name. brandon. what's your story? with why ary you doing this other than to win the car. >> i just want a new car, man. that's it?at's > are you going to give it to somebody? >> no. you're going to especially could it for yourself. >> it's going espit to be all m. > you're going to keep this. >> yes. > what's your name. >> he's been sleeping the whole first three hours. they just took a break.ak. is that your strategy. >> indeed. keep your foot on the tire and just stay
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that you can sleep through everything. >> pretty much. >> pillow, ae a blanket. you can have food. >> i got little snacks right here. i'm good. i just can't wait to take my car home with me. i you heard that, this is my car. > yes, it your he going to keep it. >> i'm going to give it to my cousin. she needs it more than i do. > i like to hear stories like that. the rules say that they have to pay the taxes themselves, the registration fees and whatnot, but hyundai i'm told is going to be helping them out with some ow the taxes on this car. so that ill with be nice, too. these guys are going to sleep here. they're going to eat here and every three hours they get a break of about 15 minutes so they can go out and they can doc all the things that they need td do. so the question is would you be willing to do this? we figured out 117 hours that they're going to need to stay
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fashion. guys, you could drive to the west coast and probably back again in that time period, so i think if you think of this -- have you thought about this, rob? 117 hours? that's a really long time. rob has it the best.. i think the easiest thing to do is do it hour by hour. can i tell them, rob? rob has a fever. rob is sick. he woke up this morning sick, but he's in this for the long hall. live from the convention centerc owe, yeah, by the way, the auto show is going on inside, too. > hey, gary did i hear you sayy earlier even though they're all touching the car, if they all stay there the whole time, they don't all win the car, do they? >> thanks for listening, sarah. > i'm shawn, but that's okay. no problem tucker. it's all right. shawn, i have no monitor out here.
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three left at the end at sundayy at 12 then they'll get a keenan if that key starts the car, then they go home with it. so there's no guaranty that just because p they do this they'reye going to win the car. >> gotcha. > sorry, shawn. >> a serious commitment. i think the gentleman who is halfway under the car, he has the best strategy.tegy you could sleep there.e. > that's pretty good. >> one lady was there becausee she said she wasn't able to give her college graduate daughter ar gift and she's hoping to do that for her daughter. > i wish they could all win.n. >> come on, car show, give everybody a car. > you get a car, you get a car. >> i give them credit, the longest i've ever gone was five days binge watching kardashian. >> you admitted that in public? > chloe's revenge body that'ss all.all. listen, who wants to be watching tv other than weather and newsd
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we started out at 21-degreesegre overnight at dulles, 28 at reagan national and recovered to these incredible temperaturesed thisible afternoon. january just wants to be warm apparently.appa we're going out on a very mild note or as i said, janice going out like a lamb. we usually say a that about march, but i think it's going tg be true for this month as well. earlier today there were some passing snow flurries to the north that did not cause any problem. we certainly recovered very quickly and at 6:00 we're still 53 degrees in the district, 352 for frederick, 44 for annapolis, 58 for frederick. share lots' high treatment, 69.n > after yesterday with our bigi one inch of snow at reagan national and temperatures that m were in the 30s all day we're about 18-degrees warmer in the last 4 hours, 22-degrees warmer than we were at 6:00 yesterday0 at culpeper and we are clouding up a little bit and getting aing about it gusty.
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by to our north it's kind of dragging in the cold side off things. we were in the warmer elementment earlier today. we're still mild, but the gusts are coming in and the cold air will follow although it doesn't look like it's going to be as cold as last night. more 30s than anything.ythi a gust of 23, martinsburg, 26. fredericksburg a little gusty at 23 miles an hour.hour you can see as we put all the clouds in motion in the radar picture that the clipper did dip down and spread some light snow in the northern areas.s. even montgomery county saw aom little of that. slitarting to pull away to the north league i hoping that the clouds will be slow to fill n. around 7:00 look to the southwestern sky you'll find a little crescent moon and to the right of it will be the planet venous and above it will be mars. send your pictures if you get one. we'll be partly cloudy going
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the snow will stay up to the north. maybe we'll stay to the 40s. bottom line not quite as cold tonight but we'll drop to 37 in7 the district.stri 33 for frederick. 35 for manassas.s. 46 for leonardtown. next two days more clouds tomorrow than we had today so we can't get to 56, but upper 40s to near 50 ought to do it and it ought to feel pretty good, too. brighter on thursday with a temperature of 48-degrees. as we look at our surface map heading into wednesday highnesd pressure down to the south isn o going to keep us again cool, but not cold with 40s and 50ss around, but a lot more cloudd cover so not thinking we're going to be quite as mild. 50, maybe upper 40s for the district. hagerstown you'll be closer to 42. winchester 45 and down toward the quantico area 49-degrees. let's wrap it up with your fox5 seven day forecast.fore tomorrow, the first day of february not bad at all at 50-degrees. much exalted and anticipated
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ground hawg day, 48-degrees. that's not bad. > maybe he'll see his had owe which means we have six more weeks of winter or whatever. >> that's my > i'm sure it is. the weekend, we have been mentioning that there's a chance of rain or snow on sunday, it still looks like that, but it looks like a rather weak system. in other words, i'm not sure you're getting monday off. > my kids keep asking when arew we going to get a snow day. >> chill out. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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